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Enfriar el Miedo = Chill of Fear
Paperback  Paperback  
El agente del FBI Quentin Hayes siempre ha sabido que tenia un insolito talento, aun antes de ser reclutado por Noah Bishop para la polemica unidad de Crimenes Especiales. Durante veinte anos el ha sido atormentado por un asesinato desgarrador no resuelto que ocurrio en El Pabellon, un aislado refugio de la era victoriana situado en Tennessee. Ahora el ha regresado una ultima vez decidido a resolver el misterio / New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper turns up the heat even as she chills readers to the bone with a new suspense novel that distills the essence of fear itself. In this relentless thriller, two psychics put more than their lives on the line to stop a killer darker and more evil than they could ever imagine FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But, as gifted as he is, for twenty years hes been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian-era resort in Tennessee. Now hes returned one final time, determined to put the mystery to rest. Diana Brisco has come there hoping to unlock the mystery of her troubled past. Instead, she is assailed by nightmares and the vision of a child who vanished from The Lodge years ago. And an FBI agent is trying to convince her that she isnt crazy but that she has a rare gift, a gift that could catch a killer. Quentin knows that this is his last chance to solve a case that has become a dangerous obsession. But can he persuade Diana to help him, knowing what it could cost her? For something cold and dark and pure evil is stalking the grounds of The Lodge. Something Diana may not survive. Something Quentin never felt before: the chill of fear.
Genre: Romance
Published: Feb 2009
Publisher: Terciopelo
ISBN13: 9788492617050
ISBN10: 8492617055
Co-Author: Victoria Horrillo
Pages: 298