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When Delilah Smiles
Paperback  Paperback  
Kate Moore and Adam Bennett had it all: successful careers, a comfortable lifestyle, and a deep love for each other. After living together for twelve years, Adam finally decides it's time to make their relationship official; he wants Kate to be his wife. When he presents a ring and the long-awaited proposal, Kate's unexpected announcement sends Adam reeling, and the ring goes back into his pocket. Can love hold this middle-aged couple together when a surprise pregnancy demands serious choices? Adam Bennett, a 51-year-old successful attorney, is forced to face his own personal demons when confronted with fatherhood, Kate's high-risk pregnancy, and the doctor's report of potential disabilities. Will he follow in his father's footsteps and abandon Kate and his child, or will he step up and be the man Kate believes him to be? A respected journalist, Kate Moore never expected to have a child. Even more unexpected is Adam's response to the news that he is going to be a father. Kate tackles not only having a baby late in life but finds out that Delilah is blind and deaf, forever changing the person Kate was and will be. Can love prevail between these divided parents? Can Delilah thrive in her dark and silent world? Travel along as they encounter tragedy and those who touch their lives in extraordinary ways. There are no doubts that all will be well ... when Delilah smiles.
Genre: Medical
Published: Jul 2012
Publisher: Laurus Books
ISBN13: 9781938526121
ISBN10: 1938526120
Co-Author: Nancy E. Williams
Editor: Jennifer Tipton Cappoen
Pages: 166