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Thick Bones: Cause of and Cures for Teen Obesity
Paperback  Paperback  
Thick Bones is a story about four multicultural teens who are overweight. The teens tell their story about the daily teasing, harassing, and bullying they encounter just for being overweight. In addition, the teens discuss how they became overweight and how they changed their eating and exercising habits. Together, they go through a journey supporting and encouraging one another to achieve their weight goals. This topic is relevant for middle school to young adult readers. Teen obesity is a national epidemic that affects self-esteem, health, and appearance. Additionally, the book addresses some physical and mental causes of obesity. These stories are based on real-life experiences of middle and high school teens who struggle with their weight.
Genre: Medical
Published: Apr 2012
Publisher: Lorac Publishing House
ISBN13: 9781937649005
ISBN10: 1937649008
Pages: 147