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Empty Ever After (Moe Prager Mysteries)
Hardcover  Hardcover  

Winner of the Shamus Award.

"Moe's back—if you haven't already discovered Reed Farrel Coleman's wonderful, award-winning ex-cop-turned-PI, Moe Prager, here's your chance. [Coleman] is the man to measure the rest by, a writer with a passionate belief in giving his best, and an eye for what makes the PI novel work at a level few can match."—Charles Todd, author of The Red Door

For over twenty years, retired NYPD officer and PI Moe Prager has been haunted by the secret that would eventually destroy his family. Now, two years after the fallout from the truth, more than secrets are haunting the Prager family. Moe follows a trail of graverobbers from cemetery to cemetery, from ashes to ashes and back again in order to finally solve the enigma of his dead brother-in-law Patrick. He plunges deeper into the dark recesses of his past than ever before, revisiting all of his old cases in order to uncover the twisted alchemy of vengeance and resurrection. Will Moe put his past to rest at last? Will he find the man who belongs in that vacant grave, or will it remain empty—empty ever after?

This new edition features:

  • New foreword by Edgar Award–winning crime writer S. J. Rozan (The Shanghai Moon)
  • New afterword by Reed Farrel Coleman
Published: Apr 2008
Publisher: Bleak House Books
ISBN13: 9781932557688
ISBN10: 1932557687