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I'll Be Seeing You
Paperback  Paperback  
I'll Be Seeing You World War II came to the United States by surprise on a Sunday morning in a tropical paradise. America called upon her average sons and daughters to save her, and average gave way to heroism above and beyond the call. I'll Be Seeing You reintroduces the reader to the men and women A String of Pearls employed to tell the story of how revisionist history might have us reevaluate the Pearl Harbor raid. They are joined by new characters, some who wear the swastika and Rising Sun on their sleeves. The transition from civilian to soldier and from plowshare to sword is cast in the first critical months of war when the United States seemingly couldn't do anything right, to those first tentative and desperate battles where it could do nothing wrong, led by a core of soldiers and sailors who through each other learned how special the country they fought for really was. The reader watches Doolittle's B-25's bolt from the Hornet to bomb Tokyo, flies with a heroic torpedo squadron at Midway, convulses with Marines on Guadalcanal, and witnesses German agents land on Long Island. Did it all have to happen as it did? What were the thoughts of Churchill and Roosevelt during these early days? It's a story that needs revisiting, as its lessons are relevant today.
Genre: Historical
Published: Jan 2010
Publisher: McKenna Publishing Group
ISBN13: 9781932172355
ISBN10: 1932172351
Pages: 216