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The Orpheus Trail
Paperback  Paperback  
When the body of a child is found among the charred remains of a pier fireG''surrounded by a ritualistic fire basket and items associated with the cult of the Greek god DionysusG''detective inspector Hildreth calls in the local museum's curator, Alex Kish, to help him decipher the mysterious symbolism. Soon after, an ancient Saxon amulet is stolen from the museum and the dead bodies of other young boys begin to turn up arranged as grotesque works of art with components of the gold amulet around their necks. The enigmatic detective inspector draws the curator into a strange web of ancient secrets, pagan ritualism, and the illegal trafficking of young boys. Hildreth and Kish are caught up in a race against time to interpret these ancient codes and clues before death claims another young life.
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: May 2009
Publisher: Arcadia Books
ISBN13: 9781906413057
ISBN10: 1906413053
Pages: 212