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Plato's Child Plato's Child
Hardcover  Hardcover  
An innocent, seventeen-year-old Hebridean boy, with the gift of second sight, who has recently lost his father in a fishing accident, alone in the comparative sprawl of the City of Edinburgh, struggles to come to terms with his developing sexuality and emerging adulthood. The towers of the University of Edinburgh, as well as sailing the River Forth out of Port Edgar, provide the backdrop for a tale of unparalleled intensity, as this pure-hearted boy fights to come to understand his place in the fast-moving city life so different from the light pace of the islands to which he belongs. His life, compared to that of his Hebridean home, is accelerated beyond his expectations as he finds himself being forced into the confusing sophistry and ambiguities of the metropolitan life.
Genre: Literary
Published: Dec 2005
Publisher: Bewrite Books
ISBN13: 9781905202065
ISBN10: 1905202067
Pages: 296