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Death Without Trace
Paperback  Paperback  
Newly divorced Dublin brewery supervisor Mike Madigan adds P.I. work to his repertoire in order to make ends meet. His latest case, brought to him by a ""posh,"" provocative woman, involves determining whether or not the woman's renowned professor husband is having an affair. The very night that Madigan begins his surveillance, some one murders the professor. After the police superintendent questions Madigan, they work together to nail the culprit. Ireland's changing economy and increasing crime rate, coupled with Madigan's brewery and ex-wife complications, scruffy neighbors, and cynical outlook, contribute to a heady mix in this debut of a new trilogy.""--Library Journal
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Aug 2005
Publisher: Collins Press
ISBN13: 9781903464830
ISBN10: 1903464838
Pages: 256