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Asses in Clover
Paperback  Paperback  
This comical science fiction fantasy, written in the 1930s, offers a historical critique of politics, economics, social pretension, and globalization. The novel is the third in the Cuanduine trilogy, a series of science fiction works that challenge the 'Procrustean remedy'--the adaptation of society to the paid employment system--and cite modern capitalism as the root of society's problems. In this volume Cuanduine, the mythical hero of this trilogy who is brought to earth to right the wrongs perpetrated by capitalists, turns his fury against the media, mainstream economists, and ordinary people who seek narrow, short-term, self-interested ends.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Apr 2004
Publisher: Jon Carpenter Publishing
ISBN13: 9781897766866
ISBN10: 1897766866
Pages: 331