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Two Novels
Paperback  Paperback  
In Witch Moon Rising, internationally bestselling author Maggie Shayne delves into the ethics of Wicca: does a Wiccan school teacher defy her administrators, neighbors, and a student's father to teach a lonely student the truth about the religion? Will the peace of mind she can give this student spell disaster for the teacher's career, friends, and even her life? Maggie weaves a wonderful tale of faith, love, and suspense.

In Witch Moon Waning, a young Wiccan falls in love with a college student, who neither understands nor accepts her religion. More than anything, Lydia wishes her lover could understand her faith, and eventually she performs a full moon ritual asking for his understanding. As they say, Be careful what you wish for....

Witch Moon Waning is the prequel to Lorna Tedder's Access.

Genre: Occult
Published: Apr 2001
Publisher: Spilled Candy Publication
ISBN13: 9781892718334
ISBN10: 1892718332
Co-Author: Lorna Tedder
Pages: 152