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The James Tiptree Award Anthology 3: Subversive Stories about Sex and Gender
Paperback  Paperback  
Returning again to the fertile ground of sex and identity, this third entry in a successful and controversial anthology series continues to celebrate thought-provoking and provocative fiction that explores and expands gender. Through their subversive, engaging stories, Tiptree Award–winning authors offer fascinating speculations on the ever-increasing mutability of our public—and private—selves. James Tiptree, Jr. was the pseudonym of Alice Bradley Sheldon, whose lasting contributions to the gender-bending genre are honored with this annual award, now in its 15th year. Previous winners of the Tiptree Award include Karen Joy Fowler, Ursula K. Le Guin, M. John Harrison, Kelly Link, Joe Haldeman, and Joanna Russ.
Genre: Anthologies (multiple Authors)
Published: Jan 2007
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
ISBN13: 9781892391414
ISBN10: 1892391414
Co-Author: Pat Murphy
Editor: Debbie Notkin
Pages: 274