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The Feng Shui Kitchen: The Philosopher's Guide to Cooking and Eating
Paperback  Paperback  
For Feng Shui followers or anyone looking for a more enlightened eating experience, Feng Shui Kitchen outlines all the essentials of turning a kitchen into a beautiful sanctuary of healing and harmony. For the first time in one volume, here are invaluable techniques on kitchen arrangement, planning and preparing meals, eating in accordance with the seasons, and many more basic principles of the Feng Shui way of life. Exquisite four-color artwork and photography, along with easy-to-follow text, allows readers to turn the eating experience from one of simple nourishment to divine healing.
Genre: Philosophy
Published: Apr 2000
Publisher: Tuttle Pub
ISBN13: 9781885203939
ISBN10: 1885203934
Pages: 159