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Dear James...
Paperback  Paperback  
James is an extremely eligible bachelor. Footloose and fancy free in London, his time is divided between business (his masterpiece novel - 4 years in the making so far, and he's still only on chapter 2) and pleasure (a young lady named Madison, or was it Bridget?). But his life quickly takes a turn in a new direction when two of his close friends become romantically entangled, with James caught in the middle. When their short relationship breaks down, James has information that could reconcile or destroy them both. This new found drama in his life causes his creative juices to flow freely for the first time in years, leaving him decide which is more important - friends or success?
Genre: Fiction
Published: Aug 2007
Publisher: Swirl
ISBN13: 9781845492243
ISBN10: 1845492242
Pages: 108