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After the Fireworks
Paperback  Paperback  
As an acclaimed novelist, Miles Fanning is well used to the unwanted attentions of his fans as he goes about his daily business. Yet little prepares him for the determination of the gauche Pamela Tarn who resolves to enter not only his world, but also his bed. Initially repelled by the enormity of the age gap between them, Fanning vows never to acquiesce, and resorts to his most boorish behavior in an attempt to break the hold he unwittingly has over her. Yet as they are inexorably drawn together, they embark upon a tempestuousG''and ultimately destructiveG''affair.
Genre: Literary
Published: Nov 2009
Publisher: Hesperus Press
ISBN13: 9781843914051
ISBN10: 1843914050
Co-Author: Fay Weldon
Pages: 128