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Don't Call Me Scandalous Call Me Sexy Chocolate: The Story of Jacqueline Murphy Featuring Other Short Stories
Paperback  Paperback  
Don't Call Me Scandalous Call Me Sexy Chocolate discusses the life of a young female who was raised by a prostitute. Her name is Jacqueline Murphy. At the age of 18, Jacqueline began living the life of a stripper. Amazed with the quantity of money Jacqueline received from her alternate lifestyle, she started to sleep with men for money. Surprisingly, Jacqueline began letting money make all of the decisions concerning her livelihood. Jacqueline later found out the root of all evil. She gained something out of it that she could never return. Something she didn't bargain for.
Genre: Romance
Published: Apr 2011
Publisher: FriesenPress
ISBN13: 9781770675094
ISBN10: 1770675094
Pages: 96