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The Island Caper, Second Edition: A Jake Lafferty Action Novel
Paperback  Paperback  
Jake Lafferty, a recently retired investment banker, moves onto his fifty-five foot Cheoy Lee long range trawler and travels to the Bahamas. His retirement is interrupted when he pulls a beautiful girl from the water, saving her life. The nonstop plot kicks into overdrive when his newly found soul mate is murdered. From that point, Jake's past as a former CIA operative draws him into a dangerous yet exciting adventure through the Bahamas, Haiti and Mexico chasing a colorful but ruthless group of Latino drug smugglers. Jake works with his former colleagues to track down and apprehend Pablo Salvador Medellin, boss of the second largest drug cartel in existence, squelching his attempt to bring the largest quantity of cocaine into the U.S. market that has ever been attempted.
Genre: Suspense
Published: Oct 2012
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
ISBN13: 9781622951994
ISBN10: 1622951999
Pages: 259