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Turbulent Seas
Paperback  Paperback  
Ayprial's Desire, Violet Heart; Peter didn't know what he was in for when he pulled a mermaid from a commercial fishing net. Neither did she.--Forever, Laura Kitchell, During a storm, a mermaid gets rescued by an unlikely human; he helps her heal and offers friendship; but what will come when the storm passes?--Sea Angel, Laura Kitchell, A mermaid faces a painful death if she cannot mate within the hour. The only male in the area is a sea-angel, who can rob her of gills and tail with a single touch. Will she die alone, having never known passion's bliss?-- A Prince's Tail , Sara Murphy, Maggie returns to her cottage by the sea to mend her broken heart. Hearing the call from his mate, Tarman braves the wrath of his parents and the fury of a hurricane to find her.--Turbulent Hearts, Mae Powers, When Taroc rescues an alien woman from a watery death, the turbulent seas of his heart & body are enflamed by her. Will she reciprocate his feelings, or return to the sea of stars she fell from?
Genre: Romance
Published: Mar 2011
Publisher: Melange Books, LLC
ISBN13: 9781612351568
ISBN10: 1612351565
Co-Author: Murphy Powers
Editor: Heart
Pages: 152