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Doctor Thomas Doubts: A Search for Conviction
Paperback  Paperback  
Dr. Thomas is disillusioned with his profession due to its mechanistic nature and its current internal political situation. He is a spiritual man and indeed initially entered the church but experienced a similar frame of mind, making him change careers. He has also had the breakup of two marriages. He considers whether he is at the end of things or at the beginning of a new and exciting era. Is it all his own fault due to his doubting nature, or are there fundamental problems with modern-day medicine and current religious faith? He is invited to lecture in Madrid, allowing him to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to seek out traces of the artist El Greco in Toledo and the Spanish mystics in Avila. Anna, a beautiful young plastic surgeon, and Zena, a mature and mystical Jungian psychiatrist, are his guides. So it works out
Genre: Medical
Published: Mar 2009
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN13: 9781608360666
ISBN10: 1608360660
Pages: 213