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The Thirteen Books: The Journey Begins
Paperback  Paperback  
CJ Allison is an archaeology student. On her twenty-third birthday she receives three mysterious gifts:a box, a book and her grandfatheras journals. She is befriended by a very handsome and mysterious professor, Paul Bryce, who agrees to help her unravel the mysteries of the box and the book. They soon learn that what they had been taught about archaeology and religious beliefs (both fact and theory) were complete fallacies. Their journey is wrought with danger and intrigue; it takes them on a magical, mysterious trip to places around the world and beyond. They are ever vigilant and try to stay one step ahead of their adversaries. Paul and CJ know that what they possess could literally destroy the world and possibly the whole universe if it ever fell into the wrong hands.
Genre: Science Fiction
Published: May 2009
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN13: 9781607495451
ISBN10: 1607495457
Pages: 192