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Murphy's Law [Damaged Heroes, Book 1] (Bookstrand Publishing)
Paperback  Paperback  
Seth Remington had a fortune at his fingertips, but something was missing in his life. Purpose. Knowing he has one last chance to redeem his son, terminally ill Sterling Remington rewrites his will. To earn his inheritance, his son Seth must labor as a groom for a horse trainer. Katie Murphy's orderly existence is turned upside down by Sterling Remington's will. Raised on hard work and dedicated to her harness racing stable, Katie agrees to take Seth on as a groom. How can she ever fulfill the challenge of instilling a work ethic in Seth and still keep her faltering stable running? Kept at arm's length by the strict terms of Sterling's will, Seth and Katie are forced to struggle with their growing attraction until a devastating racing accident forces them to take a hard look at their relationship. How much is he willing to risk for her love? ** 'This book is straight from my heart. Until my husband and I jumped into owning racehorses, I had no idea that world even existed. I fell in love with the animals and the wonderful, generous people who work with them every day, and I wanted to share that experience with readers. I offer this story to all my friends in harness racing in hopes they'll know how much I love being a part of their world.' ~Sandy~
Genre: Romance
Published: May 2009
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN13: 9781606012710
ISBN10: 1606012711
Pages: 328