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Sir Nigel
Paperback  Paperback  
Did you know that the creator of Sherlock Holmes also wrote first-class historical fiction? Sir Nigel is a medieval coming-of-age story bursting with adventure and romance. It is 1348, at the start of what would become the Hundred Years War. The Lorings, a family with a noble history, have endured a number of setbacks in recent years, and the young Nigel Loring is eager to prove himself in service to King Edward III. The King makes him squire to Sir John Chandos, giving Nigel the chance to reverse his family's fortunes, win honor, and prove himself worthy of the hand of the beautiful Lady Mary. None of this will come easily, and Nigel will have to be braver than he has ever imagined. Set among real events and full of authentic period detail, Sir Nigel is an absorbing and delightful read from start to finish.
Genre: Historical
Published: Jan 2009
Publisher: Akasha Classics
ISBN13: 9781605124377
ISBN10: 1605124370
Pages: 324