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Youth and the Bright Medusa
Paperback  Paperback  
Willa Cather was an early 20th century author best known for her novels; O Pioneers, My Antonia, and Death Comes for the Archbishop. In 1906 Cather became the managing editor of McClure's magazine. As a muckraker journalist Cather co-authored a scathing biography of the head of the Christian Science church, Mary Baker, Eddy. The Christian Scientists tried to buy up every copy. The first three stories in this collection are reprinted from magazines and the final stories are from Cather's first book of stories. Stories included are: Coming Aprodite, The Diamond Mine, A Gold Slipper, Scandal, Paul's Case, A Wagner Matinee, The Sculptor's Funeral and A Death in the Desert.
Genre: Short Stories (single Author)
Published: Sep 2008
Publisher: Serenity Publishers, LLC
ISBN13: 9781604505306
ISBN10: 1604505303
Pages: 160