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Simply Wicked
Paperback  Paperback  
American actress Cassidy Hamilton accepts the role of a lifetime on a British television show, allowing her to pursue aristocratic British CEO Tony Carleton, a man she has wanted for years. Older sophisticated Tony has kept his own desires for the nublie actess in check. She is too young, too free-spirited, and as he's always believed, too dangerous for his soul. Tempted by her nearness, Tony succumbs to her allure and begins a passionate affair with her while deluding himself that he's in control. But someone is stalking Cassidy, a man who will stop at nothing in fulfilling his twisted obsession. He makes London his bloody playground and Tony must protect the one woman he loves above all else - Cassidy. As old secrets are revealed, Cassidy confronts the tragedy of her past while accepting the promise of a passionate future---with Tony.
Genre: Romance
Published: May 2008
Publisher: Noire Passion
ISBN13: 9781600430503
ISBN10: 1600430503
Pages: 231