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Suite Seduction
Paperback  Paperback  
Renata Novak wants to be a bad girl, but her good Catholic upbringing has always gotten in her way, until the day she meets a sexy Englishman over a pair of red lace panties. Renata throws away her good girl image for one glorious night in the arms of a handsome stranger. Five months later, shes five months pregnant with no husband. Baron Damien DeWinters, hotel magnate, cant get Renata and her red lace knickers out of his mind. He searches her out and discovers hes about to be the daddy of twins. What is a proper English baron to do? Too bad Renata, after her unpleasant divorce, isnt about to commit herself again. Damien sets out to make her his wife and falls in love instead.
Genre: Romance
Published: Nov 2007
Publisher: Noire Passion
ISBN13: 9781600430275
ISBN10: 1600430279
Pages: 174