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Another Man's Baby
Paperback  Paperback  
War is hell. No one knows that better than Lt. Eric Jackson. The one thing Eric wants is to return home to his wife and start the family they'd planned. Only memories won't allow him to accept his happiness. Gabrielle wants two thing: Eric her husband, and his baby. When he returns home from Iraq he's a changed man. But she's determined to give him room to return to the man she loves. When the doctor gives Eric the test results saying he's sterile, he's heartbroken for Gabi. A baby is the one thing he promised to give her. When Gabrielle tells him she's pregnant, Eric doubts the baby is his. As Eric struggles with his nightmares and Gabi struggles to hold onto their marriage, their faith is tested as they attempt to rebuild their future.
Genre: Romance
Published: Nov 2007
Publisher: Noire Passion
ISBN13: 9781600430268
ISBN10: 1600430260
Pages: 263