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Too Much Hennessy
Paperback  Paperback  
Hennessy James Walker plays trumpet and the slide guitar in the Whiskey Trio Jazz band. He lives his life for his music, but must return unexpectedly to New Orleans to bury his father. He s devastated at the destruction of the city after Hurricane Katrina and finds himself caught in the middle of his mother and sister's strained relationship. He can hardly wait to head back to California where he can lose himself in the magic of his music once again. In the midst of his misery appears the woman of his dreams...literally. She wanted him under her spell... Deja Devine, a renowned New Orleans psychic, knew she wanted Hennessy before she ever knew his name. She didn t know if she could get a man like Hennessy to stay in one place All she knew was she was willing to do everything in her considerable powers to try. Dejanette Devine is a psychic by trade, but after the hurricane, her life's blood, the city's radio stations, are still struggling to get back on the air. That plus the tourist traffic in New Orlean's French Quarter is significantly low is causing her small business to suffer. It would be easier to use the government stipend to start again somewhere else, but she has to rebuild her life and her mother's house. Her mother is dying of liver disease due to years of heavy drinking. She wants to die in her own house, not in Tennessee with a disapproving older sister. Deja forgave her mother a long time ago for her alcohol addiction and now, wants to honor the woman's dying wish.
Genre: Romance
Published: Jun 2007
Publisher: Noire Allure
ISBN13: 9781600430084
ISBN10: 1600430082
Pages: 252