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Divine Destiny
Paperback  Paperback  
Destined . . .What happens when the only man for you just happens to be a member of the ruling family that you grew up despising? And what happens when the more he kisses you, makes love to you, and uses erotic 'lessons' to tame you, he makes you want him more and more? For Kara Millan, these are just a few of the pressing questions causing drama in her life. She also has to figure out a way to bring freedom to the people she has given her life to protect, even if it means betraying the man she has grown to desire and love. Sacred . . .When you have spent the past 10 years of your life avenging the death of the girl who was destined to be the other half of your soul, it's a little hard to just stop, even when you realize that your other half is very much alive and well. And finding out that your woman is a member of the rebel resistance you have sworn to demolish, is difficult, especially for a highly alpha male forged in battle. For Darwu the Warrior Prince, these aren't even half of his worries. The most pressing thing on his mind is finding a way to tame his lovely mate before his love and the feelings he has for her tame him. Mate . . .Together Kara and Darwu find a meeting of the mind, body, and soul that ensures not only their own destinies, but the future of their people as well.
Genre: Erotica
Published: Dec 2006
Publisher: Noire Passion
ISBN13: 9781600430039
ISBN10: 1600430031
Pages: 188