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Vegas Bites: A Werewolf Romance Anthology
Paperback  Paperback  
What howls in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Welcome to the French Quarter, Sin City's premier casino, where the high rollers are vampires, the sexy showgirls are werewolves, and the lounge magician is a djinn. Beneath the sexy, sassy, smoldering action, danger lurks and Lady Love reigns supreme. Below the glittering, glitzy Las Vegas front lies a struggle for life, death, and dominance of the most powerful werewolf pack in North America. Explore this high roller fantasy world of feuding werewolf packs, high-stakes thieves, a sexy djinn, and a mystical medallion. But baby it's only Vegas.
Genre: Romance
Published: Nov 2006
Publisher: Noire Allure
ISBN13: 9781600430015
ISBN10: 1600430015
Co-Author: J. M. Jeffries
Editor: Seressia Glass
Pages: 346