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While Mortals Sleep: Songs in the Night Book 1
Paperback  Paperback  
Josef Schumacher is a pastor in Berlin witnessing the rise of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich and the increasing influence of the Nazi youth movement on the young people of his church. Fearful of the sway of prevailing rhetoric and misguided patriotism, Josef risks everything to counteract the lies of a Facist government and the charismatic power of the F├╝hrer. When Nazi doctrine begins manifesting itself within his own congregation, Josef can no longer remain silent. Josef's wife, Mady, about to give birth to their first child, finds her world turned suddenly upside down. Will she realize the depth of Josef's love for her? Will she recognize its reflection of divine love? Lamp Post is proud to present its Fiction:Inspired! series-timeless, inspirational books for all lovers of fiction who want to feel good about the books they read. Enjoy historical and contemporary stories of Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, and more!
Genre: Historical
Published: Sep 2010
Publisher: Lamp Post Inc.
ISBN13: 9781600391682
ISBN10: 1600391680
Pages: 374