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The Troll Garden and Others
Paperback  Paperback  
Willa Cather is best known by her novels -- My Antonia (required reading for us in high school, and we still aren't sure how we feel about that) and the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, One of Ours. What few people know is that she began her career writing short stories -- in fact, these very stories. Included in this volume are the highly acclaimed Troll Garden stories -- involving individuals and the art world of the time. The most important of these stories is 'Paul's Case.' Cather's also well known for writing stories set, like 'On the Divide,' in rural Nebraska. Other stories in this collection include, 'Eric Hermannson's Soul,' 'The Enchanted Bluff,' and 'The Bohemian Girl,' all of which show the influence of Henry James on her writing.
Genre: Short Stories (single Author)
Published: Dec 2006
Publisher: Alan Rodgers Books
ISBN13: 9781598186086
ISBN10: 1598186086
Pages: 200