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The Corridor: A Medical Drama
Hardcover  Hardcover  
The corridor is an insight, an anxiety, a filth, a drip, a shriek, a simile, a sentiment, a yearning, a puzzle. Many look for the entrance, few step in, none pass through unchanged. Those on the outside wish they were in, while those traveling through struggle with their own personal fears. The corridor has stained tiles, handicap handrails, elevators and stairwells, dripping ceilings, and dark passageways best traveled backwards and alone. Its members are the sick, the psychotic, the incarcerated, the persevering, the wavering, the caring, the harassed, the educated, the beaten down, the thoughtful, the malignant, the indignant, those near-to-death, and those already there. These are their stories. Listen to the Corridor Fear the Corridor Enter the Corridor Now Run Deep from within the American medical machine, The Corridor delves into the triumphs and tragedies of the world behind the white coat. These are the chronicles of forty-six desperate corridor travelers; their medical fates forever shaped by their fragile intersecting lives. The delicate threads of space and time intersect on these pages forming a haunting yet satisfying labyrinth. A captivating read for anyone who has ever dreamt of becoming a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker in America; this is a book to be savored. C.R. Heatwole is a southern physician who currently practices medicine in upstate New York. This is his first novel.
Genre: Medical
Published: Jan 2009
Publisher: James A. Rock & Company Publishers
ISBN13: 9781596637900
ISBN10: 1596637900
Pages: 136