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Longevity City
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Sometime in the twenty-first century the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, infiltrated by corrupt politicians and the military, assumes control of global politics. The company develops a drug that splits the human embryo in two, creating identical twins that are mirrors of each other - right down to voice patterns, fingerprints and personality. Longevity City depicts Lee, a young man who becomes involved in the revolution against the most important man in the world - Ronald Carver III - along with the cultural/socio-political background of the futuristic Earth they inhabit. Switching back and forth between Lee (and his twin, Max) and Carver's degenerate leadership of their twenty-second century world, it touches on contemporary issues such as the environment, the third world, and stem cell research. Ronald Carver III will do anything to maintain his hold over the masses, and Lee will do anything to stop him. Their personal battle ranges from earth to outer space, and as they come closer to a final, all-encompassing showdown, the fate of society - and of the entire planet itself - hangs in the balance.

Irish author David Murphy lives with his wife, son and daughter near Dublin where he writes, gives workshops and publishes the magazine Albedo One, of which he is a founding editor. (20021201)

Genre: Science Fiction
Published: Aug 2005
Publisher: Thorndike Pr
ISBN13: 9781594143526
ISBN10: 1594143528
Pages: 317