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The Frame
Paperback  Paperback  
A shirtless Silicon Valley CEO, Clay Oeland, brings a dying woman to a hospital emergency room. She has scratched him with her fingernails and she has been shot twice with his gun, yet he claims to have been framed. He hires Gary Charboneau, a nationally known Private Investigator, to find the killer. Charboneau isn't the best choice, he has a murderous obsession about men who beat women, and he believes Clay may be an abuser. Two prostitutes Clay admits seeing are also missing, and San Jose Police detective, Javier Olivera, suggests that Clay intended to make the woman his third victim until things went out of control. Then Charboneau finds a prostitute who swears Clay put her in the hospital twice. When he finds that the key evidence against Clay was manufactured, he wonders if Clay set it up to ambush the prosecutors. If he did, he may be a very cunning killer.
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: May 2002
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN13: 9781591292050
ISBN10: 1591292050
Pages: 256