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The Ultimate Quiz Book: Discover the Real You!
Paperback  Paperback  
If there's anything a teenage girl can't resist, it's finding out more about herself. That's why magazine quizzes are so popular--and 'CosmoGIRL Ultimate Quiz Book' collects more than 120 from its bestselling series. They'll help the inquisitive CosmoGIRL learn the answers to all her pressing questions: 'What's my fashion style? My personality type? Who am I, really? How do I come across to my friends--and (of course ) to guys?'She's the star of this fun and revealing collection--and she's going to love it.

Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
Published: Jun 2009
Publisher: Hearst Books
ISBN13: 9781588167750
ISBN10: 1588167755
Pages: 494