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Trouble in Tahiti: The Gauguin Murders
Paperback  Paperback  
TAHITI: 1901 PAUL GAUGUIN, the disease-ridden, half-crazed, dope-driven, alcoholic scoundrel who fled his family in France for the earthly Paradise of the South Seas, left behind all kinds of messes upon his miserable, unlamented death: angry mistresses worthless paintings that he'd bartered for a sack of sugar illegitimate children with all of his flaws and none of his talent disdainful Colonial officials only too happy to see him in his grave TAHITI: 1969

But the biggest mess of all was the one he left for two tough, resourceful, and relentless ex-U.S. Army officers, their bond forged in the hellhole of Korea HANK CORY one-time Captain in Army Counter-Intelligence now a mild-mannered Sunday artist and bookstore owner in a ramshackle waterfront building with an equally ramshackle future stretching before him and SAMUEL TILDEN CHEEVER THE THIRD All-American tackle and scion of Old San Francisco Money, Cory's former commanding officer, come to Tahiti to look for a 68-year-old treasure that could be worth millions for each of them. WHAT THEY STUMBLE ON INSTEAD: THE GAUGUIN MURDERS and an implacable menace that has them next on the list of victims!

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Oct 2001
Publisher: Lightning Source Inc
ISBN13: 9781587153778
ISBN10: 1587153777