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Commissaire Tama, Chief of Police
Paperback  Paperback  
Just like the golden-skinned vahines, it's not like it is anywhere else.... A con man who pulls gold nuggets from the bellies of fish.... A banker who drops dead at the front-door delivery of his own coffin.... An animal-rights sex-kitten who murders a foie gras producer next to his goose pens.... A million-dollar sniffer dog stabbed to death for reasons unknown.... seven-foot transvestite hooker who brutalizes her clients.... For bizarre crimes, a unique detective: Commissaire de Police Alexandre Tama, Amateur magician, the fattest man in Tahiti and its champion trenchman, he's also the toughest and smartest cop in the Islands — A relentless Chief of Police who tracks down the local troublemakers with the same intensity he devotes to the neverending search for the perfect boeuf bourguignon....
Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published: Oct 2000
Publisher: Lightning Source Inc
ISBN13: 9781587151798
ISBN10: 1587151790