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The 13th Apostle
Paperback  Paperback  
A mixture of fiction and Biblical fact, The 13th Apostle adheres strictly to the story of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection as depicted in the first five books of the New Testament. It is a tale of excitement, adventure, and miracles that is entertaining, educational, and inspirational.

Set amidst the political and historical turmoil of 33 A. D. in the city of Jerusalem, The 13th Apostle portrays events through the eyes of an orphaned street beggar who is shunned by mainstream society because of his epilepsy. Schooled in Judaism by a kindly old baker named Isaac who later adopts him and his younger friend Aaron, the boy embraces the teachings of Jesus, whom he believes to be the true Messiah; and his ability to apply Jesus' parables to the problems of everyday life earns him the respect of his community. As he helps others, Gamaliel dreams of meeting Jesus face to face.

Tensions run high as word spreads that Jesus and His followers will be among those coming from all over the world to celebrate Passover. Learning the religious leaders, spurred by rumors that Jesus wished to establish a New Kingdom and determined not to allow Him to usurp their authority, are scheming against Jesus, Gamaliel tries to think of some way to warn Him.

The intrigue, suspense, and barriers that keep Gamaliel from alerting Jesus to the dangers He is facing engage the reader in a provocative story about a young boy's dream of meeting Jesus.

Genre: Religious
Published: Jul 2004
Publisher: Midpoint Trade Books Inc
ISBN13: 9781581691429
ISBN10: 1581691424
Pages: 224