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Free Radical
Paperback  Paperback  
Matthew Quinn, a gifted young medical researcher, stumbles upon a polymer with the ability to extend the life of his laboratory mice indefinitely. Unfortunately, its toxic side effects make it unsuitable for human use. As Quinn struggles to understand the problem with the drug's side effects, his mentor disappears and his funding is terminated. Shortly after making a breakthrough discovery that actually reverses the aging process, Quinn is kidnapped by gangsters led by an aging mob boss who wants to market the polymer as his own. Quinn escapes, and his fight to retain his polymer literally turns into a game of cat and mouse. Who ends up with the formula and who ends up using it are the big questions answered in the exciting climax to this clever thriller. An unusual, complex and highly enjoyable twist on the 'fountain of youth' myth.
Genre: Medical
Published: Nov 2008
Publisher: Pemberton Mysteries
ISBN13: 9781563154164
ISBN10: 1563154161
Pages: 226