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The Mystery of the Wrong Dog
Paperback  Paperback  
It's Sarah-Jane, Timothy, and Titus from the Three Cousins Detective Club! These three ten-year-olds are ready to learn about the Fruits of the Spirit while solving more exciting, adventure-filled mysteries!

In The Mystery of the Wrong Dog, Titus McKay has been placed in charge of his elderly neighbor's crabby Yorkshire terrier, Kingsley and Titus plans to show his parents he's ready for a dog of his own. But suddenly grumpy Kingsley turns into a sweet, lovable dog! What happened to Kingsley? It's up to Titus, Timothy, and Sarah-Jane to solve the mystery!

Theme: Peace

Genre: Readers
Published: Jul 1994
Publisher: Baker Pub Group
ISBN13: 9781556614071
ISBN10: 1556614071
Pages: 59