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Murphy Park
Hardcover  Hardcover  
Small town, southern girl, Clair Christopher, leaves her home in Natchez, Mississippi to escape the pain of being jilted at the altar by her fi ance. She travels to Los Angeles and unexpectedly fi nds a new love in the person of Mack Fielding, a rock-star of the "We Are the World", 1985 music era. Fate throws the two strangers together when Clair, jogging in the park, is chased by an unknown man and ends up in the path of Mack's car. When he insists that she move into his home to recouperate from the accident, they slowly fall in love. Fear of rejection keeps both of them from admitting their feelings to one another. When the two fi nally come together it is when Mack fears he may have lost Clair to another man. Their love may be eternal and their passion endless, but staying together as a couple proves to be quite diffi cult. Although Clair is unconditionally accepted by Mack's father, "Big Jack" Fielding, himself a famous actor, she is scorned by Mack's possessive housekeeper, Cassie Leonard, whose fl ashing green eyes hide a secret that could destroy the young lovers. Will their love be enough to keep them together as Mack attempts to protect Clair from a stalker whose mental abuse threatens to drive her mad and shatter their lives forever, and whose physical attack could very well end her life?
Genre: Romance
Published: Sep 2012
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN13: 9781477155851
ISBN10: 1477155856
Pages: 256