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Blue Death
Paperback  Paperback  
Dr. Ryan Kendall, dermatologist, thought it was just another day of patients in his office. High powered attorney Drew Garrett thought it was just a routine skin examination. Until Dr. Kendall saw the lesion on his back. Until what was just another ordinary day turned malignant. Dr. Chad Williams, noted D.C. pathologist, controls their fate. His microscope is his tool and weapon. Routine pathology is turned upside down. Lives and families are turned every which way by the pathologist's fears and whims. Dr. Bob Williams, Chad's father, faces the ultimate nightmare of medical and family betrayal. Their lives become irrevocably interwined in the realities of day to day real medicine and deception. No doctor's appointment will ever be routine again.
Genre: Medical
Published: Jun 2012
Publisher: iUniverse.com
ISBN13: 9781475926453
ISBN10: 1475926456
Pages: 284