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Back Where She Belongs
Paperback  Paperback  
From the memories of a registered nurse, two theaters of the health care professionals in the 1960s come back to life in this novel based on fact. Operating room nurse, Margie Howorth, due to an unfortunate situation, finds herself entrenched in geriatrics. This arena becomes challenging as she experiences humor, pathos, regulatory issues, a fire and union labor pressures. Critical cases in surgery, serious incidents in long-term care, and interesting characters are graphically described. Woven throughout are three romances, one of which, after Margie returns to the operating room, results in an unexpected, captivating ending. The inevitable outcome of nature is portrayed in Dorothy Bertsch's fourth novel. Readers will be fascinated by the reality of changes in the health care that have occurred through the years.
Genre: Medical
Published: Aug 2012
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN13: 9781462688548
ISBN10: 1462688543
Pages: 302