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Rojo Flames
Hardcover  Hardcover  
"Ella Grant has just published her first best selling Novel. Her book signing is in St. Croix Virgin Islands.her
friends who she met on the Internet are coming to St. Croix, for her book signing and also to meet for the first time.
Eons is the Internet site where baby boomers come together as a community to share your passions, and interests. Connecting with others meeting friends, and sharing life experiences. Forging their friendship on line, Glenda, Gina, Dyanne, Ella and Steve, they shared the same interests. They loved to read, write, crafts, and each had desires to form their own home base business. After months of writing, calling each other and bonding, they finally decided to come together to meet.
Ella who has just published her first novel, is having a book signing at her local library, in the Virgin Islands. The friends decide to head on down to St. Croix Virgin Islands, for the book signing. What better time to meet.
Dyanne Forbes has had a great life. Married thirty years to her loving husband Blake. Three grown children and one granddaughter. If only Blake would stop taking her for granted. Blake is content with his wife just being there when he needs her. He only agreed to go the St Croix with Dyanne, because he wanted to see who her Internet friends were. A stranger who happens to be visiting on the Island finds Dyanne attractive. Dyanne likes the attention, and finds herself becoming attractive to this man. He's more attentive to her needs than Blake is.

Blake Forbes - Dyanne’s husband. Loves and adores his wife, but he feels, that Dyanne is becoming too independent, since she met her new friends on Eons. He feels they are a influence in Dyanne decisions, since she wants to start doing more things independently.

Glenda Sawyer - Divorced, and has five children, all adults. Glenda owns her own business, she has a boutique for full figured women. Her new love interest who is ten years younger than her, but not without doubts of her age and relationship with Dante. Is she ready for Dante and the surprise he has for her.

Dante Agbor is from Cameroon, Africa the motherland. He is a plumber and has his own business. He was married and is much younger than Glenda. He has fallen in love with Glenda from the first time he met her. Although he has told her a hundred times he cares for her and wants her to be his wife. Glenda is still not convinced that he is sincere. She has issues dealing with the age difference between them. But Dante is going to have to show Glenda, to trust and believe in him ,in spite of the age difference, and the surprise he is about to announce to her.
Gina Powers- Gina is divorced and a successful Real Estate Agent. She has one daughter , daughter and grand kids. Gina was married to a successful Heart Surgeon, and her daughter has never forgiven her mother for divorcing her father, for wanting to start her own business. But what her daughter’s never understood, the real reasons, of her parents breakup, and has always blamed her mother for leaving her dad. When Gina meets the new love interest in her life, her insecure feeling start to get in the way, when she catches him with a women in a compromising position. Will she let her new interest explain, and believe him, or will she walk away from the start of what can be a happy ending.
Ella Grant. A successful Romance writer. Ella is divorced and has given up on love for her. She walked away from a loveless marriage. Not looking for a relationship Ella meets Dominique, a wealthy and successful business man. Ella likes Dominique, but is unaware that he is wealthy. Dominique is determined to prove to Ella, that if she just trust him, and give their relationship a chance.
Genre: Romance
Published: Aug 2010
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN13: 9781453539507
ISBN10: 1453539506
Co-Author: Eleanor Murphy
Pages: 102