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Good Cop, Dead Cop
Paperback  Paperback  
Detective Lieutenant Jake Reed runs Hollywood Detective Division. He's pondering the brutal rape and murder of a young woman in the Hollywood Hills when he is stunned to receive a call form Mitch Thacker, a former partner from twenty years ago. Jake had assumed Thacker was long since dead from alcoholism. When Mitch finally persuades a reluctant Jake to meet the next day for a cup of coffee, the two men begin to resolve old differences. Their renewed friendship gets feisty on occasion and humorous on others. They unintentionally get involved in a minor incident which quickly develops into a complex investigation involving high placed corrupt officials, crooked cops, a headless corpse and the Mafia. The story is based on real events and told by the guys who've been there. A major investigation full of twists and turns, a variety of characters and the real dialogue of street smart detectives reveals the real L.A.P.D.
Genre: Action & Adventure
Published: Feb 2010
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN13: 9781449061845
ISBN10: 1449061842
Co-Author: Phil Smith
Pages: 412