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The Wisdom of Fools: A Selection of Irish American Short Stories
Paperback  Paperback  
Into every life comes one moment of choice or decision which helps shape that life from that moment on, more than any other. They're often called life-altering moments, like they also are for the men and women living in the pages of these eleven short stories. For some of them, this moment turns out well, or seems to at the time, like the bullying manager with all the power and nothing to fear from the mean-spirited decisions he feels free to make. For others, it's wait-and-see, like the young priest who feels honor bound to help Fifi, a little dog he knows he can only help at total peril to himself, or the young mom who fights on to save her teenage daughter when the decision she believes will likely destroy her daughter has already been made. What other than the wisdom of fools is all that about?
Genre: Short Stories (single Author)
Published: Feb 2010
Publisher: PublishAmerica
ISBN13: 9781448927166
ISBN10: 1448927161
Pages: 272