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McRae's Last Trail
Paperback  Paperback  
With the relentless bounty hunter Durell close behind, the badly wounded outlaw Maury McRae reaches the small town of Gray's Flat. Nursed back from the verge of death by the beautiful Heather Cordell, McRae discovers what life could have been. In need of money, his fast gun brings an offer of work from the ruthless rancher Max Nelson. Learning that his new job involves a serious threat to Heather and her brother, McRae finds himself trapped in a hopeless set of circumstances. In spite of his hope to begin a new life, McRae sees that dream fading away as a highly dangerous situation develops.
Genre: Westerns
Published: Nov 2010
Publisher: Linford
ISBN13: 9781444804386
ISBN10: 1444804383
Pages: 280