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Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It
MP3-CD Audiobook  MP3-CD Audiobook  
Freedie 'the Cheerleader,' Phyllis 'the Class President,' and Renetta, 'the Fat Girl' were not friends back in high school. So it's a surprise to all of them when they end up connecting at their 30 year high school reunion. They've all changed since those harsh yet tender high school years, and each one of them has their own deliciously scandalous secret. But when those secrets threaten to come to light, and possibly tear apart their less than perfect, but generally content lives, they band together in their sisterhood to stand and fight to keep what's theirs. Funny, sexy, tender, and raunchy, Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It is a J.D. Mason take that is not to be missed.
Genre: African American
Published: Mar 2010
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
ISBN13: 9781441729309
ISBN10: 1441729305
Discs: 1