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Camille, Misa, Dominique, and Latoya are friends. Camille, the pampered wife of Frankie Bingham, wants for nothing. She tries to ignore his closeness with his coworker, Gillian. But when his indiscretions become public, Camille hits the breaking point. Newly divorced Misa smothers men with phone calls, emails, and drama. When she sets her sights on Baron, her quest to win him may cost her everything. Dominique has a great career, a beautiful NYC condo, and a gifted teenaged daughter. But the man she loves is incarcerated. While juggling motherhood, work, friendships, and her man, she may not be noticing what is going on with her daughter. Latoya seems to have life all figured out, until some skeletons are discovered in her closet. When her façade crumbles, will she crumble as well?
Genre: African American
Published: Jan 2010
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
ISBN13: 9781441728982
ISBN10: 1441728988
Discs: 1