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Seeing It Through
Paperback  Paperback  
"Cancer is a harsh, ugly disease with serious consequences. People should know this I decide. All everyone hears about is so much money is being donated, raised and given for research and finding a cure. This is achieved by using beautiful, colorful, fun advertising to entice us. I believe that if people knew more about cancer treatment and patients talked about the ugly details of it all I think there would be better understanding, real knowledge, and an urgency and compassion on everyone's part.
I think the gory details of it all, is precisely what people need to hear.

This book is a deeply personal, honest story that will make you wonder, understand, and move you along the way."
Genre: Medical
Published: Mar 2010
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN13: 9781441593597
ISBN10: 1441593594
Pages: 222