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Purple Stalks & Grey Moss
Paperback  Paperback  
Regina Rousseau comes home from school abroad, to bury her father, who committed suicide after gambling away his plantation home in South Louisiana's sugar cane country, and mother, who dies from shock. Regina frees two valuable slaves which places her in jeopardy with gambler Moore. John and Emilie Edwards offer sanctuary from Moore. Regina hides love for handsome Cajun Raoul Dupre. Civil War erupts, sending men into battle.Regina and Emilie are befriended by Raoul Dupre's family. Union soldiers occupy Edwards home but allow women to remain on second floor with little freedom.. Solaunge, and husband, Pierre, remain, while other slaves flee.War ends but before their men return, Regina and Emilie face Lester Moore and vindictive mob, believing women were cozy with Yankees.
Genre: Fiction
Published: Jul 2009
Publisher: Authorhouse
ISBN13: 9781438962511
ISBN10: 1438962517
Pages: 196